Google on Monday launched a global resolutions page where anyone can add their own New Year’s resolution for the year 2013. The new small service features a world map where anyone can browse other people’s resolutions, whether they’re making their own this year or not. In typical Google fashion, the page isn’t just powered by Google Maps though. Thanks to Google Translate, you can explore what people are hoping to do next year regardless of what language they are doing it in. Furthermore, the site lets you filter through resolutions by category (Love, Health, Career, Finance, Family, Education, Do Good, and Other). You don’t need an account to add your own resolution (the good thing is Google isn’t required, the bad is that there is likely to be spam). You do have to share your postal code and country name, as well as pick one of the aforementioned categories. So far, all the resolutions are pretty straightforward. Google users want to make more money, exercise more, smile often, run a full marathon, quite smoking, and so on. The page updates automatically so you can see new resolutions as they are being made. The new Zeitgeist page is an excellent want to encourage people to make resolutions for the New Year. It’s also a great way for Google to remind everyone about its services and that it is a “people company.” The launch comes just a few weeks after Google released its Zeitgest 2012 report. The company has embedded the same Zeitgeist 2012 video from earlier so that users can watch it first, and then add their “resolution and explore our collective hopes and aims for the coming year.” See also – Google adds Lao to Translate as an alpha, for a grand total of 65 languages and Google Maps brings over 10,000 indoor floor plans to the desktop Image credit: Piotr Matlak (via Google Launches Global Resolutions Map for 2013)

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